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Lifelong learning and EFL in Greek state schools

Posted by Maria on May 18, 2010

With respect to previous blog posts, there is no need to mention that lifelong learning has assumed the value of a professional duty. This is not only limited to the content-knowledge of our field of study, but it is also extended to cross-curricular areas and new classroom practices.

ICT literacy skills, for instance, are considered a must since they can enrich the learning environment (multimodal information input) and enhance students’ motivation. To take advantage of these benefits, the National Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs has initiated many actions since 2000. In my opinion, the most important are the services provided by the Greek School Network

As far as TEFL is concerned,e-yliko collection of lesson plans ideas and WWW resources are a useful point of reference too.

Also, the licence of the commercial software material “English+” has been bought for use in state schools. It is claimed to cater for Elementary and Intermediate level students’ needs. You can find technical and methodological guidelines or even some training material at this link

Moreover, the Pedagogical Institute has created their own computer-based software to complement classroom EFL resources. So, if you are interested to update your TEFL practices, you can find it online for Junior High Schools on these links:

English for Beginners

English for Intermediate-Advanced students

and for Primary Schools on the following web address:

English in 4th, 5th & 6th Grades

Finally, although these initiatives are difficult to be implemented extensively in the school timetable due to time constraints (especially in the secondary education), they can hopefully help EFL teachers meet their students’ profiles more effectively.


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Posted by Maria on May 5, 2010

Have a nice month!
In a week, classes in secondary schools officially end and the exams period of May-June begins. Everybody must be really working hard to meet his/ her deadlines and to round up the school year successfully. Nevertheless, I would like to keep publishing new posts in my blog. To tell the truth, I was running out of ideas to write about, but I got a helpful hand from the latest issue of “ASPECTS today”, that is PEKADE’s quarterly magazine (as a member of this association I can receive it free of extra charge to my home address). So, the good news I read is that an e-magazine has been released by the Hellenic Open University. It is called “Research Papers in Language Teaching and Learning” and its web address is The first issue was published in February 2010 and it contains 18 papers by EFL teachers in Greek state schools. The fact that professional development should complement our working life seems to be a reality for a growing number of practitioners in the field.
Well, let’s welcome and wish RPLTL a long e-publishing life!

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