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Combating Poverty & Social Exclusion

Posted by Maria on January 30, 2011

Dear eTwinners,

There have been some months since I wrote you the activities of the Greek National Support Service. Well, in my summer blog posts – just to keep things orderly – new plans had been announced for the current school year. (If you need to refresh your memory, you could refer to the blog post published on 8th of August, 2010.) So, last year was dedicated to Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion by the Greek eTwinning NSS. To celebrate it, schools of primary and secondary education were invited to participate in a national competition on this topic by creating posters. The submission deadline was set on 6th December 2010.

Before I present you with the results of the competition, I will describe the eligibility criteria. For schools to apply they first had to be enrolled in the eTwinning Desktop. With this condition met, they also had to be carrying out a relevant theme project and/or their teachers be members of the e-Network for the European Year 2010 and/or their teachers be subscribed to the online NSS workshop for “Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion”. As far as the making of posters was concerned, there were no specific restrictions. Any suitable technique, material and colour could be used. Yet, copyright and data protection issues had to be taken into account. The final product was delivered in an electronic format (either as a scanned picture or as a digital photo of a 600 pixels x 840 pixels and 5MB size maximum).
Students’ projects were evaluated by an independent committee appointed by officers of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. Their evaluation was based on the following set of criteria: the poster’s coherence with the topic of the contest, its aesthetic value and the clarity of the message conveyed.


A Prize was awarded to the poster number 39 by D1 class of the Primary School MEGALI PANAGIA titled: “Children all over the world have a right to live.”

A first Honour was awarded to the poster number 14 by the student Leonardo Kogia of the 10th Primary School ILIOUPOLI titled: “Poverty”.

A second Honour was awarded to the poster number 57 by a group of 13 students and their class assistant Argyri Papadaki of the Private Nursery School MIKRO ERGASTIRI titled: “We look different… But we feel the same.”


A Prize was awarded to the poster number 42 by the 2nd Grade (16 students) of the 1st Junior High School ZEFYRIOU titled: “Poverty – education- neglect”.

A first Honour was awarded to the poster number 33 by Eleftheria Mourtidou of the 6th Senior High School ILIOU titled: “Poverty will kill us”.

A second Honour was awarded to the poster number 31 by Claudio Mita of the 6th Senior High School ILIOU titled: “Without words”.

The gallery with all contestants’ posters can be accessed via the following link.
My congratulations to ALL of you!


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